How to: Trust your Instincts

Have you ever felt so strongly about a decision you had to make and yet there’s a small part of you that thinks you might make the wrong decision?

It’s hard to “Trust your gut!” when you have conflicting thoughts. There’s a part of you that knows what’s right, the part that reflects your morals in the decisions you make in life. But there’s another part of you that’s tempted to make the opposite choice based on outside influences or just the simple feeling of curiosity.

Most people want to think that every decision they make reflects their morals, but that simply goes against human nature. Why do you think the fall of Adam and Eve is the first scripture in genesis? Eve took and ate the fruit from the forbidden tree even though she knew for a fact that it was forbidden, the serpent tricked her with false scripture. Adam also ate the fruit even though God told him directly not to do eat. They both had that gut instinct, but curiosity and temptation got the best of them.

Because of that we are forever cursed with conflicting thoughts. God created us to listen to his words but also gave us choice, and he respects that choice. So how do you know when to trust your instincts when trying to make the right choice?

  1. Don’t be temptedStop letting curiosity get the best of you. God put you through every experience in your life so that you can be sure about yourself and the decisions you make. The only reason you struggle so hard with trusting yourself is because you don’t fully understand yourself yet. The next step can help that.
  2. Build a relationship with God- Don’t act surprised, most people don’t believe that God has a hand in every part of there lives, which is totally wrong. He knew the end before he created the beginning, so we all are apart of his creation and he instilled in us a natural instinct to do good. So if you have a stronger connection with him, you will learn how to better trust your instincts.

IMG_0021Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on the way to trusting your gut more often than not.


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