A Soul Infused With Tank


It’s been almost a week since Tank has left and I’m already hanging on by a thread. I’ve noticed quite a few changes in the way I approach life that I forgot I used to do.

“I seriously wish that I had full control over my mind, body and soul.”

I have my body and soul in tip- top condition, but my mind just seems to do whatever the heck it wants sometimes.

For instance, I’ve noticed that I clench my jaw when under stress, which is almost every second that I’m outside of the house on my own. Two days after Tank left my jaw hurt really bad. I couldn’t eat it was so painful.

“It felt like my teeth were going to fall out. I went to bed with my face throbbing.”

The pain got slightly better the morning after, but I was only able to eat soft foods for half the day before it started hurting again.

It comes from the Hyper-vigilance that engulfs me wherever I go. I can’t even stand in the yard or my garage at home without “hearing” someone walk up behind me, making me watch my back like someone’s trying to kill me. I can’t stop watching out for danger.

It feels like I’m slowly reverting back to my old state of mind like before I started my search for a service dog.


A Soul Infused with Tank

It’s weird how infused Tank was with my life. I still hold reminiscence of him within every stride I make in life. Sometimes I get a jolt of excitement to hear his collar thinking he’s walking up behind me, only to turn and be devastated by reality.

I don’t think I’m going down a path that will revert me back to the dark place I was in just a few years ago. Mainly because I have structure within my life now. I wake up and take care of my daughter and then I write and promote my book.

I’m still on a mission to save as many veterans lives as I possibly can before I’m whisked off to a better place. 

It won’t be long before I’m paired with another dog, so these feelings of despair and depression will soon fade. Until then I have to strive to fight my demons on my own in order to help motivate others to do the same.


11 thoughts on “A Soul Infused With Tank

  1. Perhaps you could try to diffuse the stress as it starts by breathing exercises? It has helped my brother-in-law enormously and has helped my husband..both of whom suffer the effects of PTSD. It may help to at the minimum stop clenching your jaws so tightly.

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  2. So sorry to hear about your difficult period. While it is difficult I’m confident you will overcome this until you are in a comfortable place. As suggested by Suze, breathing exercises can help with stress and meditation. Be well and positive about fighting those demons.

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  3. It’s funny b/c that happened to me many years ago when we were planning our wedding. It’s never happened since until recently b/c we’re planning a big trip. I can hardly brush my teeth or eat a salad. Applesauce is about the only food that can get through. Try massaging your jaws and I found exercising helps to alleviate the stress. God bless you and I hope you get your dog soon. K9s for Warriors is a good place to get a dog for vets w/ PTSD.

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