Motivational Speech by Combat Veteran

Motivational speech by Combat Veteran┬áS.M. Boney IV – Ending veteran suicide.

Motivational speech on how faith saves lives.

I encourage everyone to purchase my book to educate yourself on the invisible war our American troops fight every day.

Share to help spread the word of how faith can stop suicide.

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Combat Medic
A soldier’s story of the Iraq war and PTSD

3 thoughts on “Motivational Speech by Combat Veteran

  1. Firstly I want to thank you for do what you did for our country…..Nowadays thank you for serving us taboo…..Secondly,I wanna thank you for shedding light on this subject of PTSD and the fact we dismiss those who have it and are plagued by it….And last but not least…Thank you for this book it was and is a read I couldn’t put down from start to finish….Write more you are quite the author…Thanks So Much!!


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