PROJECT-DELTA – Helps pair veterans with rescued dogs that can be trained to be a service dog.  I work close with this organization to help build a program that will help thousands of veterans like me.



Pain Free Patriots – Gives veterans free grants for pain relief. My chronic pain was greatly reduced with the help of this organization. Given that 44% of veterans develop chronic pain after leaving the service, it’s only natural that I would be able to partner with an organization that can do what they say. I believe that one day this program can be implemented throughout the country.


I’m actually donating a dollar for every one of my books that is bought within the next month to help bring relief to more veterans. If you would just like to donate, please click on their link above.img_0373

Heroes on Water (Twin cities chapter)-I work with this organization to bring veterans together to Kayak and fish. We’re building a community to help with transition from the military to the civilian life.