A Little Dancer = Proud Father

This week is going extremely well. It was kicked off with a day at my daughters big dance competition on Sunday. She did two great routines and I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with how far she has come in two years.

Aleah loves dancing because it is fun to her. I can see the lively spirit that overtakes her every time she moves to a beat. She reminds me of myself, I’ll break out in a dance just because the song is on point, but I could never do competitive dancing.

Her team got a platinum reward for one of their routines, I’m pretty sure that is second place , I’m so proud of her. I told her that everyone has to practice to become great at what they do, some harder than others but if you practice with all your heart you will get better.

I believe you could use that philosophy for a lot of things in life. The only difference between someone who succeeds and one who falls short is the amount of practice they each put into it.

Picture of Aleah in her dance outfit with my mother-in-law.

When I saw her bright smile and the way she moved, I could tell she practiced hard.

It’s moments like these that makes me glad I stuck around to see where God would take me. Life has finally worked out to my advantage, only because I took the initiative to change it. Living life for Love, Family and Salvation are the one things that holds this chaotic world into place.