Treating a Massive Hangover

I remember the first time I started drinking with the big kids. After going through boot camp for a month I had to train, the military calls it Advanced Individual Training. I went to AIT in Fort Sam Houston, Texas to become a medic. After the first month of training we were allowed leave the base for the weekend so a bunch of us rented a hotel room and partied hard.

My head felt like it was bashed with a bag of screws, multiple times, and then proceeded to kick me in the stomach. So basically I felt like sh**. I remember trying everything: Drinking milk and eating a big breakfast, taking a shot of tequilla, I even went back to base and slept the rest of the day without much relief.

I remember curling up in a ball trying not to puke, praying to God not to let me die. I really hate hangovers. The worst part is it took me a year to learn how treat the symptoms. I learned that there are two methods to treat a massive Hangover. Some techniques are more advanced than others, but I’m sure if you go down any route you will get relief.

  1. Prevention- Don’t drink so much! Start out slow and increase your drinking to how you are feeling. If you start slurring your speech and stumbling around, you’ve had enough, quite drinking. You’ll notice that things will start feeling better after an hour so start drinking responsibly.
  2. Preparation– If you think you may go out and drink way too much because it’s your birthday and you deserve some ‘Damn fun’, make sure you have a large meal before you start throwing shots down the hatchet. Having food in your stomach helps dilute the breakdown of alcohol. After your last drink of the night make sure to eat a large meal again along with water, lots and lots of water. Giving your body the nutrients it needs to get rid of the booze and leave you with a slight headache in the morning. I think out of all my methods this has worked the best.
  3. Intervention- This last method is only available to people who have access to the equipment. I learned a lot as a medic after being at war in Iraq for over a year, one thing was how important an IV of Saline solution is for dehydrated people. So, yes if you can get a direct stream of Saline into your bloodstream then you can quickly rehydrated yourself and be hangover free within twenty minutes.bax

I wouldn’t recommend giving yourself an IV or getting one done without someone who is properly trained. I roomed with a bunch of medics and we were very skilled at IV’s, I’m so good at it I can  give them in the dark.

I hope my years of experienced drinking can help you learn how to treat your hangover. If you have any remedies don’t hesitate to comment, I would love to hear them.


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