Hero of the Pack (Video Enhanced)

I have to say I’m so grateful with everything that God is doing with my life right now. It hasn’t been a year since I’ve published my book Combat Medic and I’ve already started making an impact within my community. It is my goal to inform the nation on the signs and symptoms of PTSD to hopefully cut the rate of veteran suicide, which is at an all time high of over 22 a day.

I was honored at the Timberwolves on Valentines day for my work with the non-profit organization Pain Free Patriots. I’ve had chronic pain for the last twelve years since leaving the military, over 44% of veterans develop chronic pain after they leave the military. While I was promoting my book I ran into a representative from Pain Free Patriots, he told me he would give me a free grant to their program to get pain-free. I hadn’t had a day for twelve years without extreme back pain, so I kind of laughed in his face.

I gave it a try though. The program was 5 months long, but in the first two weeks my pain was reduced by 80%. It felt like my prayers were answered. I must be doing something right for it to happen to me.Ever since then I’ve helped them with whatever they needed from me to represent the organization in order to get more donations so the program grow.

I guess it’s been paying off because I got a call from them saying that the Timberwolves wanted to honor me for the work I’ve been doing within the community. The stadium was packed full of people because they were playing against the 2016 champs the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was an incredible experience that would have never happened if I hadn’t listened to God and wrote my book. I know if this happened within a year there is no telling how far my voice will go in 5 years.

12 thoughts on “Hero of the Pack (Video Enhanced)

  1. This is really awesome! Your book sounds incredibly insightful and inspiring. Congrats on being honored at the Timberwolves game. I am truly humbled and grateful for your incredible work promoting awareness for PTSD. You rock!

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